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A Mandala is a representation of the universe in the form of a circle.  The word itself originates from the Hindu Religion and it is also relevant within Buddhism as a ritual symbol.  Mandalas are essentially geometric patterns which hold within themselves some deeper truth or meaning which may or may not be apparent to the rational mind.  To connect to these patterns we may need to put aside our conventional ways of seeing and connect in an intuitive or spiritually instinctive way.  In this way it is thought we may be able to tune into deeper meanings and access information from our subconscious selves that may benefit our progression both in the spiritual realm and ultimately in the physical, emotional and mental spheres.  mandala-candle-pillar-energy-webmandala-candle-pillar-happiness-webmandala-candle-pillar-vitality-webmandala-candle-pillar-wisdom-web
 The Swiss psychoanalyst Carl G Jung started to notice the frequency with which mandala like drawings appeared in the artwork produced by his patients.  After years of studying this in depth he concluded that this mandala drawing came from within the deep Collective Unconscious shared by all humankind and that it had an important and even indispensable function in the progression of his patients from mental illness to wellness.  Psychotherapists that came after Jung continued with his work and compared the mandala to a spiral that connects both upwards and downwards helping the patient to access ever deeper levels of the unconscious and can lead to an almost mystical experience of connection with the unity of the cosmos.  The conclusion was that somehow this deep experience once its expression was enabled in the patient through the process of therapy could lead to a profound integration of the personality.