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Breath, fragrance and Being Here Now

Subtly fragranced candles and natural incenses that tempt our sense of smell can give us that moment at the end of a days work where we can stop to breathe and be in the moment where we are right now. Sometimes that is all we need to get back on track for today. For me fragrance and smell is an instant catalyst for feelings of wellbeing and one of the reasons that I started out bringing Crystal Journey Candles to the UK way back in the last century! I repeatedly find that the subtle and uplifting pure essential oil fragrances of these natural candles from New England make me take a deep breath and relax.

If Reiki or massage is your thing you may like our Reiki Charged Pillar Candles which come in 2 sizes –  long thin or long wide.  The long thin one is more suited to shorter spells of use, say 2 hours at a time, and is ideal for use when you want to be in your own inner sacred space to empower your affirmations or thoughts for a spiritual  quest or wellbeing goal.  Overall burn times for these candles are 30 hours and 80 hours respectively.herbal-candle-pillar-positiveenergy-webreiki-candles-pillar-healing-web















We also stock Reiki Incense and Angel Incense, both of which would be ideal to burn at this time.  Archangel Raphael, https://mystery-arts.co.uk/shop/incense/angel-incense-raphael/the angel who heals and helps keep the people of the world healthy.  Or maybe ‘Sho Den’ reiki incense which helps us focus on the physical world and may allow us to relax more deeply into the body. Make your evening a spiritual gift to yourself or a friend by exchanging a massage or healing treatment or simply indulge yourself with a self healing treatment.

Many of us wish for a simpler way of living which would give us more in the way of physical and spiritual wellbeing.  Though we are daily distracted by the glare of advertising we don’t always want to have more ‘stuff’ in our lives. Here at Mystery Arts we bring from around the world, wellbeing and mystical products and spiritual gifts which nourish an inner journey, are simply beautiful to look at, touch or smell and feed spiritual wellbeing.  Everything we bring is fairly traded and produced without suffering to local peoples.

What else did I want to talk about today…..? mmm Being here now (I drifted away for a minute!). How hard that is to do. We are always somewhere other than the place we are in. Activities like TV, solitary video games and dvds take us further away from the real present, the real now and deprive us of interacting with others in an easy, natural way that keeps us present in mind and heart.


I like the face of this Buddha and find it brings me instantly into the now. The wood smells good too!  Yes, I am sticking to my theme of fragrance and smell!