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Ears, throat and nose

Ear candling is wonderfully soothing and calming experience. It is not just about ‘cleaning your ears’ though it does clear the ear passages, the sinuses, the throat and the head, makes breathing easier and improves hearing. If you have ever had an ear candling you will know what I mean.  You may have fallen asleep and this is a very common and healing ‘side-effect’ of the process.

This is one of the reasons you should never ever give yourself an ear candling treatment!  Ear candles are always used by an attending adult who oversees the process and acts as a witness to the deep relaxation experienced by the person being treated.  It is indeed one of the nice things about having this treatment – the sense that someone cares enough to put their time aside for you.  It gives a deeply calming sense of peace and self worth; if you are an adult who is being treated it’s almost as if you are a child again, reassured by the loving presence of an older helper, mothering figure or guide.  Of course there are many tangible benefits to ear candling such as those mentioned above but I wanted to write about that deep sense of peace which can result from a treatment because it is not often mentioned.

Our ear candles come in a range of fragrances including chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, propolis and we also do a plain, natural unscented one.  We also carry organic ear candles and ear candles specifically designed with children in mind which you can see here organic childrens ear candles

Ear candles are also know as ‘Hopi’ ear candles though this is not strictly speaking true as ear candles have been used for millennia all over the world in in many different cultures.